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Our Products

Our grinders are made in the U.S.A. and are customized to grind a variety of fresh and frozen products including poultry, pork, beef, and animal bi-products.  Options include our BCA-2 bone collection system, double plate assembly, triple plate assembly, and transition funnels.  Grinders are available in stainless steel on tin plated steel.

11-07 Grinder

11-09 Grinder

11-10 Grinder

11-10 In-Line Grinder

12-10 Grinder

12-10 In-Line Grinder

16-10 Grinder

16-12 Grinder

7-7 200 mm. Grinder

6-6 160 mm. Grinder

1666D Grinder

8-7 Grinder

Bone Collection and Rework Options

Van Norman Surface Grinder

New Frozen Screw Design

Gear Box






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